Holiday Commercial Sneak Peek – Treat Yourself

A beautiful woman in a red swing dress and black heels standing outside a shopping center. Captioned, "Our holiday commercial, 'Treat Yourself.'"

Can you believe it’s already November and the holidays are right around the corner?  Not only are the holidays approaching, but Cato’s holiday commercial is in the works and worth getting excited about.  Why you ask ?  Well, let’s just start with – adorable graphics, joyful music and . . . a sneak peek of […]

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7 Must-Have Sweaters This Season

Must Have Sweaters: What you need now! Sweaters hanging in a closet

That’s right.  It’s sweater weather (we know, you’ve heard it before – but we just couldn’t resist).  In comes the sweaters and out goes those warm-weather outfits you’re probably tired of wearing by now.  And, although you may have a closet full of sweaters, everyone needs to have some new looks to add to their […]

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Why It’s Time To Think Pink

Three women in Pink Cato outfits with the caption, "Why Pink is the Color of the Moment."

We know how much you love getting your pink on in the spring and summer months, but let’s not neglect pink in the fall and winter months, too.  In fact, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it gives us even more of a reason to, be, “in the pink” this season.  Whether you want […]

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5 Things to Know For The Boot Obsessed This Fall

A mixed selection of boots with caption, "5 things to know for the boot obsessed this fall."

Sit back, relax and put your feet up; it’s time to chat about this favorite season of ours – boot season! That’s right. The chilly weather is creeping in, leaves are about to change colors and it’s officially out with the sandals and in with the boots! Yes, you can say that we are just […]

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Our Tried & True Fit & How We Make You #CatoConfident!

Our Tried and True for and how we make you #CatoConfident

We all know how important it is to find clothes that are not only stylish, but also reliable and figure flattering.  Having a great fit is super important to us, and we know it’s important to you because we have listened to your thoughts and suggestions. For years we’ve used real people with real bodies […]

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Game Day Style Necessities!

Game Day Style Necessities! Two women looking ready for Football

Fall and football have arrived! It’s time for touchdowns, tailgating and a whole lot of cheering. We love game day and are here to bring you a few tips and tricks on the stylish pieces and accessories you need this season! Keep reading to see which of our picks will be making the team!

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Let’s Talk Denim!

Three Cato denim buyers holding a variety of Cato denim

Our new fall denim has arrived! Today we have all the details on trends, fabric and everything else you need to know about Cato jeans from our Denim Design and Buying teams. Keep reading to learn more about the trends they love this season and why our jeans are awesome!

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Our TOP Picks with Cato Buyers!

Three Cato Buyers holding a variety of Cato pieces

The top often makes the outfit, which is exactly why we decided to ask our buying team about their favorite tops of the season and what trends they are most excited about. Keep reading to see what our buyers had to say about their TOP picks!

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Americana Summer Styling Tips!

Americana Summer Styling Tips! A model standing on the beach in a Cato Tank top that says, "Let Freedom Ring"

It’s finally summer and the 4th of July is almost here! We’ve got the styles you need, just in time for your BBQs, beach vacations and pool parties. We’re ready for the best All-American summer ever!

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Trend to Try: Chokers!

Trend to Try: Chokers. Model wearing a choker

Chokers are a must-have accessory of the season. Here we show you a few of our favorite summer styles and easy styling tips from Cato Lead Stylist, Don, so you can make the most out of your new go-to necklace.

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