Metamorphosis: Transforming Into Your Best Self

Spring: the season of new beginnings, a fresh start and the cue to swap out the old for new. Not only are the seasons changing, but so are the little things in life. Along with traditional spring cleaning, many of us take this time to “clean up” other aspects of our lives, from healthier habits to a new wardrobe. Here are a few ways we like to hit reset, and be our most beautiful self- both inside and out.

Style Swap

Swapping out your coats for cutoffs is essential as the weather warms up, but this year, we encourage you take things a step further. As you’re packing and unpacking your drawers, reflect on the things you actually reach for. Instead of buying pieces that are trendy, donate or sell those styles you find yourself passing over, and add more looks that flatter and fit you best. If you love tops that accentuate your neckline, add more sweetheart styles and toss the high-neck looks out. This way, everything in your arsenal suits you, and isn’t just taking up space.

Good Intentions

Time to hit the refresh button- starting with a mental break. This season, take some time to focus on cleansing your mind, body and soul by practicing intentional, positive routines. While you sip on your first of many coffees in the morning, jot down three things you’re grateful for, and maybe some positive affirmations, too. Adding these simple steps to your daily routine will surely bloom positivity into all aspects of your life. Whether you like to journal, meditate or enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, inner beauty is even more important than what’s in your closet.

Let’s Get Physical

Ready, set, sweat! Not only does a workout help you look better, more importantly, you’ll feel your best, too. Instead of setting physical fitness goals for yourself, try setting mental goals for your fitness journey. Don’t count calories, points or pounds, but instead shift your focus to fitness as a form of mental health- exercise releases endorphins, ya know. From a 15 minute stretch session to a high-intensity class, whatever motivates you to move, go for it! Once you’ve nailed your routine, your inner and outer beauty are going to glow- we promise.

To Do: Be Your Best Self

Sure, setting intentions sounds like a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being, but actually starting them- that’s a whole other story… We’ve compiled a to-do list of a few tasks, both big and small, that will help to kick-start your new way of living. Even if you can only check off one or two, everyone’s got to start somewhere!

  1. Set your alarm earlier
  2. Start your day with a short stretching routine
  3. Swap your coffee for green tea (even just once in awhile)
  4. Start a morning journal jotting down goals each day.
  5. Plan out your meals for each week
  6. Reach out to a friend
  7. Make self-care Sunday a ritual you stick to (face mask, relaxing bath, good book . . .)
  8. Read or listen to a biography of someone who inspires you
  9. Do a closet cleanse
  10. Keep a gratitude journal beside your bed & jot down at least one thing you’re grateful for before you go to sleep
  11. Start a new hobby
  12. Avoid negative people
  13. Take a break from social media
  14. Start a 30 day challenge
  15.  Read a feel-good book

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to reflect and refresh on all aspects of your life. Let us know how you like to reset, and if we’ve sparked some new ways to be your best self.


3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis: Transforming Into Your Best Self

  1. Thank You Cato…..Beautifully written and very encouraging. Not only do you have gorgeous affordable clothes but your Inspiration is definitely needed in this chaotic world. The words “ inner beauty is even more important than what’s in your closet.”….are so true. God Bless You All at Cato!!!

  2. Thank you so much I need to start a journal and I can’t walk far but I am going to try to get started at least 3 days Monday , Wednesday and Saturday cause I am going today get back into going dancing on Friday night even if I have to crank up the stereo and dance at 🏠

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