Tips for Working From Home: By our Staff

For all of us, the past few weeks have been emotional, stressful and just plain strange. While these current circumstances are anything but ordinary, we’re choosing to make light of this situation and finding the little joys that come out of each and every day. We sat down (Well, virtually-speaking of course. We’re practicing social distancing over here) with our eCommerce team to discuss different ways they’re maintaining normalcy while doing everything out of office.


#DOTD: Desk of the Day

For many people, the kitchen table has become their new cubicle. Your boss has been replaced by your kids, and the family pet has become that one coworker that always seems to know the latest office gossip… Whether you’re setting up where your family’s eating breakfast or getting cozy on the couch, here’s a quick peek into our #DOTD.


No matter what, at the end of the day, remind yourself of one thing: life is good. Our product manager Lauren shares a joyful reminder that helps her through the workday. One senior copywriter, Erica, happened to catch our spring television commercial while working from the comfort of her couch.


Whether you’re a regular at the kitchen table, or prefer to cozy up in the living room, switching up your workspace is sure to keep your day interesting.

Alicia, eCommerce creative director , shares a quick pic of her new coworkers that always take an interest in her newest project. Kerry, Vice President of eCommerce, Claire, product coordinator, and Liz, eCommerce graphic designer, get through the work day with help from their furry friends.

Get Movin’

Being confined inside definitely has an impact on all aspects of your life, especially fitness. If you haven’t started already, implementing some form of exercise, whether it’s a walk with the dog or a fitness class online, will help you feel better, sleep better, and be more productive during the workday.

Our E-commerce employee shares working out at home essentials

Digital Content Specialist, Maisie share’s how she’s maintaining her normal routine by staying fit and making no excuses to get up and get sweatin’.

“Being active is such an important part of my life and heading to the gym after work is part of my daily routine. To help me get through the quarantine blues and stick to my daily schedule, I created a small gym space of my own at home. My favorite at-home exercises are push-ups, wall-sits, plank, and squats! Essentials: water, weights, sneakers, and of course some pump-up music to keep me motivated.”

Cato's guide on using yoga for a calming end to your day

Namaste. Email Marketing Analyst Jessica shares her tips for physical and mental peace during these times.

“I love yoga because it’s both calming, and an amazing form of exercise. I try to either start of end my day with some flow and stretching- bonus points if I do both! Cato’s new activewear collection features the most comfy lounge and workout wear, so it’s perfect to transition from working from home to getting in a quick sweat sesh”.

Comfy Boring

Who said you can’t look cute in your coziest gear? Cato’s athleisure wear combines comfort and the latest trends, so you can rock your best looks from the living room, too.

E-commerce copywriter Amanda shows readers how to wear athleisure

Amanda, an eCommerce copywriter, likes to wear comfortable yet put-together looks when working from home. “Getting up and getting ready, whether that’s doing my hair and makeup or just putting on a cute outfit, helps me feel better, and in turn, causes me to have a more productive day. I love Cato’s loungewear looks, because I can mix-and-match pieces to create a new, comfy #ootd every day.”

Food for Thought

With the fridge being only steps from your desk, you’re probably inclined to grab those snacks you said were for the kids. However tempting it may be, do the right thing for your body by putting away the chips and choosing something healthy and delicious instead.

Social Media Specialist, Caitlin, shares a delicious and simple food tip that she loves both in and out of the office.

Cato's Social Media Specialist Caitlin shares a healthy snack recipe

“I love eating healthy and sticking to a routine. With working from home it’s so important for me to stick to my usual day-to-day. This salad is my favorite for lunch. It is filled with lots of protein to fill me up and is also super healthy. I love it!”

Arugula Salad

  • Arugula lettuce
  • Chicken
  • Avocado
  • Strawberries
  • Apple
  • Edamame
  • Peppers (either orange or red)
  • Dressing of your choice

What are your work from home tips? Do you have any social distancing must-haves? Let’s stay connected during this challenging time by sharing our love of fashion, beauty and all things wonderful with one another. As always, share your Cato finds at @CatoFashions and using the hashtag #CountonCato.


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  1. A~women to Amanda’s advice about “getting ready” for a productive telework day. Appearance Matters. #StayInPractice of looking good. It really does mentally help. We can wear CATO’s comfort clothes even though we can not get beauty care @ salons & spas.

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