Spread The Love: Random Acts of Kindness Week

February: the month of love, kindness and caring for those special someone’s in your life. Whether it’s your significant other, your family or your girlfriends, we all love those warm and fuzzy feelings that this month brings us.

This year, we are challenging ourselves and others to share the love with both friends and strangers alike. February 17th begins Random Acts of Kindness Week, where everyone is encouraged to do something kind for someone else. A few of our eCommerce team members shared their good services, and we’ve pulled together a list of some feel-good deeds we hope will inspire you this month.


Caitlin Rodermund, Social Media Specialist

As my random act of kindness I volunteered at “Fashion & Compassion” to help in their boutique where they sell jewelry and other crafts. “Fashion & Compassion” helps women who have fallen off the ladder of economic mobility gain or re-gain that access. It was two hours of my time and allowed me to help this organization. It helps me get perspective on things going on in my life and reminds me to be kind to everyone because you don’t know what someone is going through. Whether its volunteering your time, opening a door for someone, thanking a veteran for their service, or just simply saying hello to someone, it all makes a difference.


Jessica Gottbrath, Email Marketing Analyst

One of my girlfriends was a having a really rough week, dealing with work and boyfriend troubles. To cheer her up, I made a “Don’t Stress About It Kit” and included her favorite treats like wine, bath bombs, chocolates, a candle and a note of encouragement. It didn’t take too much time or money, but it was a sweet something to help get her out of her rut. Oh, I also pet dogs I see out in public. Judging by the tail wag, it makes the dogs (and myself) really happy.


Erica Gold, Senior eCommerce Copywriter

There was a time a homeless man was in Harris Teeter sitting on the bench just inside the doors trying to stay warm.  He wasn’t asking for anything or bothering anyone.  It was Valentine’s Day.  I bought him a heart of chocolates and my fiance bought him a sandwich and coffee.  You can tell he not only was surprised, but so grateful.  It truly made our night.


Ways to Give Back

Need a little inspiration on ways to give back? Here are a few ideas that we hope will inspire you to do something kind for someone else. We’d love to hear the ways you pass around kindness, big or small, by commenting down below or on our social media at @CatoFashions.





3 thoughts on “Spread The Love: Random Acts of Kindness Week

  1. I really have always smiled pretty big,that’s how people remember me. It’s just how I walk around with. I didn’t even notice that I was doing it till people began to call me smiley 😊 Whenever I see a police officer I make a point to say thank you and to be careful out there. I say thank you if I see a person in uniform also. Really I will pretty much say hello or have a good day to anyone I can. Hopefully it has helped someone!

  2. This Valentine’s day I decided to do something for the employees of my local Starbucks which I visit frequently.
    I took balloons, kolaches, donuts and made then a huge Starbucks frappuccino full of candies, treats for their breaks and made them a big Valentine’s card telling them how much I appreciated their work.
    First they thought I was coming from a Valentine’s celebration and they were happy for me. When I told them that was for them, they were shocked.
    It was really nice feeling seeing how happy they were.
    I bright them their day like the bright mine.

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