How To: Capricorn Style

December 22- January 19

Traits: Responsible, ambitious, sensitive, passionate, loving, rule-follower

Element: Earth

Colors: Violet, khaki, cream, beige, blush, lilac

Capricorns We ️: Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington, Katie Couric, Bradley Cooper, Kate Middleton, Orlando Bloom, Dolly Parton

Happy Birthday, Capricorn ladies! As a Capricorn, your ambition has you continuing to strive to be better than before- including improving your style throughout the seasons. Check out our how-to’s and go-to’s for different colors, textures, styles and trends that best exemplify your star sign’s style.


Capricorn Lookbook:

Lavender Ruffle Sleeve Top, Status Print Silky Infinity Scarf, and Beige Suede Blazer Jacket

Lavender Ruffle Sleeve Top $19.99 Status Print Silky Infinity Scarf $9.99 Suede Blazer Jacket $39.99

As a Capricorn, you love feminine contrasts to classic pieces. A dark wash skinny jean and sweet ruffled blouse create your uniform. Being born in the peak winter months, a Capricorn girl loves to layer. Trendy jackets in bright hues, abstract textures and fun embellishments are an instant way to change any look up. Not only will layering keep you cozy from the winter chill, you’ll also be rockin’ one of 2020’s hottest trends from head-to-toe.

Gray Hacci Jogger Pants, Gray and White Knotted Tie Dye Top

Hacci Jogger Pants $19.99 Knotted Tie Dye Top $24.99

For a Capricorn, nothing says relaxation quite like snuggling up on the couch with a good book, freshly brewed coffee and a casually-cute athleisure look. From printed leggings to matching jogger and sweatshirt sets, looks that can take you from Netflix time to running the kids around are what you can be seen in all weekend long.

Snakeskin Pumps, Link Stone Earrings, and Croc Chain Strap Satchel

Snakeskin Pumps $25.99 Link Stone Earrings $5.99 Croc Chain Strap Satchel $39.99

As a rule-follower, you’re not one to experiment with out-of-the-box pieces, so classic styles with a modern twist are your perfect match. Swap out your favorite booties for a fun bohemian-inspired mule, and layer your favorite summer dresses over tights for a more cold-weather appropriate look. Simple, neutral accessories are easy to mix-and-match with every look, keeping everyone on their toes when it comes to your #ootd. For those days you crave a little more spice, a fun, bold piece, like a statement earring, will add that subtle pop of sass.


Style Notes:

Follow our how-to tips for guidance in embracing your sign’s style with simple and realistic ways to incorporate these trends into your everyday wardrobe.


  • Purple
  • Nudes
  • Earthy neutrals


  • Athleisure silhouettes
  • Classic prints
  • Modern twists to classic pieces


  • Crossbody bags
  • Neutral shoes
  • Statement earrings

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