Out With The Old, In With The New

Closet Clean Out

We’re out with the old and in with the new! It’s time to reflect and create new goals and motivations for the new year ahead! Although this is an exciting feeling, it can also be very daunting. No need to worry, we’ll walk you through it. Just take a deep cleansing breath and get ready for a complete closet clean-out. With 2018 in the rear view, it is time to get rid of those jeans that do not fit and tops you will never wear. Here are a few tips and tricks when deciding what to keep or discard during your closet detox.

Tip #1: Visualize

Take everything off the hangers and out of your drawers. That’s right- this is your time to do what you were always taught NOT to do and just throw everything in the middle of the floor. This will allow you to visualize all of your clothes and see what you have too much or too little of. While this can be time-consuming, it is the best way to decide what you REALLY want to put back into your closet and what you need to let go of. And guess what…it can also be quite a stress-reliever, which is always a bonus.

Tip #2: Decision-Making

Ask yourself, “have I worn this before?” And if not, “will I wear it in the future?” You need to think about whether you actually wear the item or if it just sits in your closet waiting to be put on. Usually, if you haven’t worn the clothing item in the last six months, it might be time to part ways. If you wear the item frequently, then, of course it’s a keeper. However, if you haven’t even removed the tags, think to yourself if there are at least three places you could wear this outfit to. If you can’t think of anywhere, then it may be time for a new home.

Tip #3: Donating/Selling

Like we’ve all heard at one time or another, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” The greatest reward from cleaning out your closet is giving your items away. You have the option to try and sell your items at a local thrift store or you can donate them to a local charity. Even though you’ve never worn it, this might turn out to be someone else’s favorite item in their closet.

Now with all this room left in your closet, we can discuss the essentials you can make space for this year:

  1. Classic Stripes: Whether you need tops or bottoms, this stripe trend is an essential wardrobe addition. A striped print is timeless and will have you feeling super chic whether you’re running errands or heading into work. This is a style you can wear all year long!
  2. Dresses: With the year ahead of you, there are so many events and outings where you want to look and feel your best. Isn’t it the worst feeling when you look in your closet and can’t find anything to wear? Don’t let that stress into your life. Add some of these gorgeous, flattering dresses or jumpsuits into that now-so-roomy closet of yours. Whether you’re out on a date night or going to church with the family, these silhouettes will be a crowd favorite!
  3. Pop of Color: During these chilly months it is nice to have a fun color to brighten up your winter wardrobe. This is the perfect time to say “hello” to yellow since it just happens to be totally on-trend and everywhere this season. A piece of jewelry or a colorful top is always fun to add a little sunshine to the mix! This is also a great color for anyone going on vacation in the next couple months to somewhere warm and tropical.

Essentials to make space for, classic stripes, essential dresses, and pops of color

The new year is a perfect opportunity to take the time to spruce up your wardrobe and make 2019 the best year yet! Don’t be afraid to try out styles you haven’t tried before. Enjoy the adventure ahead with your best fashion foot forward and don’t forget to share how you wear by tagging us @catofashions.

Here’s to another #CatoConfident year!


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