Q&A With Fashion Blogger, Jana Meister

Guest Blogger Jana Meister in a chambray jacket and printed top looking happy and stylish.

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Here at Cato, we gain just as much inspiration from our fans as we try to give. As much as we love sharing our knowledge of fashion, we are constantly learning from and loving how our fans and influencers style our pieces and the tips they give us. It’s a win, win! Speaking of loving our fans, Jana Meister, Kansas City based fashion blogger and stylist, was kind enough to jump in and share a little bit about her fashion journey, what inspires her and some tips for fall styling! Check it out:

How long have you been a blogger?

I started my blog Jana Style back in April 2012. I had recently graduated with my degree in Fashion Merchandising and was looking for a way to keep up with fashion trends, but also create an online portfolio of my styling, while growing my involvement in the fashion industry. I was styling for magazines, fashion shows, and attending some really amazing events, and I wanted to share it with my friends and family.

How would you finish this sentence, “When it comes to fashion blogging, people don’t realize…”

The work behind the scenes takes a lot of time. It is a labor of love for me, but I truly enjoy putting together new outfits, writing about trends and sharing my love for fashion with my followers.

What are your closet must-haves for fall this year and why?

Great fitting denim, a versatile pair of booties, stylish jackets and a statement handbag. These tend to be my most worn items each fall, so I always look for these pieces first when I start to transition my wardrobe for the fall season.A quote from Janna on her fall must haves, "Great fitting denim, a versatile pair of booties, stylish jackets, and a statement handbag."

Can you provide your top tips to think about when styling for fall?

Fall is all about creating looks with the perfect amount of layers. I live in the Midwest so the weather can be unpredictable in the fall season. I am all about having cardigans, jackets and lightweight sweater pieces that can be added or taken off if needed.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have always loved classic, feminine styles. I love finding pieces that I can wear from season to season and items that pair well with trends too! What’s amazing about personal style is it can change each season. It reflects your personality, your interests and your current mood. I try to always stay true to my love for classics and girly style, but also keep an open mind when it comes to trends too.

What do you love about shopping at Cato? 

I love shopping at Cato because I always find some incredible styles at great prices. I am all about finding what I need without over-spending. The associates at the Cato where I shop in Summit Fair Shopping Center are always so friendly and helpful. They make shopping fun and always help me find what I need!

When it comes to denim, what is important to you – The fit? The cost? The color? 

ALL of the above. I know denim is one of the pieces a lot of women struggle with in their wardrobe. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not always an easy mission. I think when you shop for jeans you have to realize that finding a pair that fit really well may take some time. If you find a great pair, go ahead and buy a couple of them in different washes.

How do you ultimately decide on that perfect pair of denim? 

I always go with fit as my number one factor. If they feel good, they’re going home with me!


A quote from Jana on the perfect denim, "I always go with fit as my number one factor. If they feel good, they're going home with me!"

What’s your top tip for taking a casual t-shirt and jeans daytime look to night-on-the-town look? 

A classic black or white blazer looks so polished paired with a t-shirt, jeans and heels. Pair it with a necklace and a clutch and you’re good to go!

Thank you Jana for taking the time to stop by our blog to share your style and fashion tips with us! If you have a favorite fashion blogger you follow, tell us about them in the comments below, and if you’d like to learn more about Jana and her blog, visit: Jana Style


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  1. I love this Q&A! I can relate with Jana so well because I live in the Midwest also and have learned that layers are our best friend! And with denim, the feel-good factor is real. <3

  2. Finding the perfect fit in jeans is definitely a challenge. I currently follow @centsibleblonde, she is all about affordable and cute fashion!

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