Summer Packing Made Simple

Summer Packing Guide with beautiful beach in the background

Your summer travel plans are underway and it’s time to start brainstorming what you want to pack and what you truly need to pack.  Let’s face it – we all love taking a vacation, but most of us don’t exactly love the prepping and planning involved. It’s tedious, time-consuming and at the same time, completely necessary.  So, it’s time to make that list and check it twice, because if you don’t, it could make for a not-so-relaxing vacation.

From Beach And Beyond

Whether you are going away for a week to the beach or a weekend to the mountains, a packing list is always a must.  We are here to help make your summer vacation plans easier and stress-free by creating a list for you with “must-haves” and “great-to-haves” so you can view, print and even personalize it with your own specific needs and wants.  Sound like a plan?  We sure think so!

Not only are we helping you out with preparing your list, we have also included links on where to purchase some of these items if you don’t already have them or are perhaps, wanting something new.

Down to the Basics: Picture of 1. Sunscreen, 2. Sunglasses, 3. Hat, 4. Beachbag, 5. Scrunchies, 6. Sandals, 7. Cover-upDown To The Basics

It’s summertime, which means it’s hot and sunny – a pool or ocean is often on the agenda.  There are definitely a lot of items you can’t leave home without if you want to have an enjoyable vacation – sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, aloe, sunglasses, a beach bag or tote, beach blanket and of course . . . a good ole’ baseball hat or sun hat, to protect your scalp from that bright sunshine we all know and love.   Have long locks?  A hair tie, head wrap or scrunchie will be your best friend.   A pair of flip flops – yes please!  When you’re taking a stroll on the beach or want to quickly throw something over your swimsuit, a cover-up is also always a must.

Must-Haves pictures of: 1. Kimono, 2. Shorts, 3. Sun dress, 4. Jumpsuit, 5. Layering Tank, 6. Underwear, 7. Slip on Shoes, 8. SandalsMust-Haves

Wherever the summer takes you, you always need to think outside the box when it comes to packing.  Even though summertime is the hottest time of year,  a possibility of a chilly night or rain is sometimes in the forecast.  A sweatshirt or light jacket is always good to have around for unpredictable weather or even those cold air-conditioned restaurants.

Typically when you are on a summer vacation, you need a few pairs of shorts, a casual sundress and something a little dressier . . . just in case.   Since jumpsuits are having a major moment right now as a “dressier alternative,” we think including one on your list is a great choice for  dressier dinners or evenings out.  Classic layering tanks are always good to have and very easy to pack, since they are lightweight and extremely versatile.   A bathing suit, pair of comfy shoes and sandals are a few more items that are always on our “most wanted” list, but sometimes mistakenly left off.  Isn’t it amazing how we tend to forget the things that are everyday essentials – like pajamas, makeup, brush a toothbrush, toothpaste and even underwear!  The things we use the most are often the things we forget the most, too.

Great To-Haves with pictures of 1. Book, 2. Ear buds, 3. phone case, 4. Pack of Cards, 5. mug, 6. Athleisure outfit

Let’s talk about some things that are always a plus to have, but not necessarily a priority.  A good book, ear buds, pack of cards and notebook to journal your vacation are small enough to throw in a bag and often times on our “wish list” when we have already arrived at our destination.   A nice comfy athleisure outfit is great for hanging around or morning beach strolls.

Do you have a “must-have” that we haven’t included or perhaps a “great to-have” that is your tried and true?  If you do, we would love to hear!  Be sure to leave a comment so others can add it to their list, as well.

Last But Not Least

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and enjoyed, so hopefully this downloadable packing list will make that trip even more enjoyable.  Just remember . . . wherever you go, have fun, enjoy the journey and stay #catoconfident!

Summer Vacation Packing List to include: Sunscreen, lip balm with spf, aloe, sunglasses, beach bag, beach blanket, hat, hair ties, flip-flops, cover-up, light jacket, shorts, sundress, jumpsuit, layering tank, bathing suit, sneakers, sandals, pajamas, makeup, toothbrush, underwear, book, headphones


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