Sunglasses: Which Style Is Best For You?

What's your sunny shape? four faces, all different shapes - we are going to help you pick the best sunglasses for your face shape!

Summer is here which means you get to wear your favorite accessory, sunglasses!  With all the different sizes, styles and shapes, it’s hard to know which to choose.  However, if you understand your face shape – it makes choosing a style that much easier.

Identifying your face shape is the first step in finding the perfect sunglasses for you.  So how do you determine your face shape?  The shape of your face is determined by width-to-length ratio, whether your features are rounded, narrow or more defined, by your chin shape, and relative measurements.

Determining Your Face Shape

There are four main face shapes: heart, round, oval, and square.  Follow the steps to determine which category your face fits most closely in.

  • Step 1: Take a look in the mirror – snap a selfie or pick up a picture to get a good look of all of your facial angles
  • Step 2: Outline your face – this can be done with lipstick, dry erase marker or a phone app
  • Step 3: Find your match – use our recommendations and tips below to find your perfect match


Heart shaped face with Aviators on

Heart shaped faces are characterized with a narrow jaw line, square chin and a broad forehead. The best frames for a heart-shaped face are those that are wider on the top than they are at the bottom. The goal here is to balance out the top of your face by making the lower part appear symmetrical.

You’d look best in: Aviators

Trending Now: Colored Lenses, Mirrored Lenses

With their interesting lens shapes and classic wire styling, they emphasize the regular proportions of heart shaped faces. They provide better symmetry and balance out a pointed chin.

Other styles to try: Retro Square, Cat Eye, Round

Round face shape with rectangle/square frames with details at the temples.

You have a round face when your face has a circular shape the width and length are almost equal, the width is wider across the cheekbones and narrower on the jawline, chin and forehead.  You want to choose glasses that help you visually lengthen your face and have sharp, angular frames to draw attention to your eyes, while contrasting the soft roundness.

You’d look best in: Rectangular/Square Frames or Wayfare style

Trending Now: Rectangular Embellishment Style, Enamel Details

Round faces need a little structure to create a slimmer look. Rectangular and square sunglasses break up the face structure, creating a leaner, longer look.

Other styles to try: Retro Square, Aviator, Cat Eye, Butterfly

Oval face shape with cat eye sunglasses onOval face shapes have narrow balanced features that are usually highlighted by higher cheekbones and are the most versatile in terms of styles of sunglasses. Here are some of the top picks for ovals.

You’d look best in: The Cat Eye

Trending Now: Flat Lenses StyleBrow Bar StyleColored Lenses Style

The interesting design and shape options of cat eye sunglasses really complement the oval face features. The cat eye style can be found in many different shapes – round, oblong, even slightly squared – and in a variety of colors and interesting textures.

Others styles to try:  Aviators, Oversized, Rectangle, Square, Round, anything you want, go for it!

A square face shape with round shaped sunglasses on.


With a strong jaw, wide forehead, and wide cheekbones, square-shaped faces often have strong features. To soften your features, choose sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges.

You’d look best in: Round shape

Trending Now: Flat Lenses Style, Mod Styles

The round shape will accentuate the curves of the cheekbones and add some dimension to the face. The frames are usually wire rims, and you’ll see them in bold colors this season.

Other styles to try: Shield, Aviators, Frameless glasses

Just remember, not everyone has a perfect heart or square and sometimes cannot be narrowed down to a defined category. You want a shape and style that is yours.   Choose a style that best fits the closest shape of your face and the ones you feel most confident in.  Take a peak at our latest sunny styles – you may just find that one perfect pair . . . or possibly even two.   Just remember, whatever you decide to choose, remember to be #catoconfident and mention us @catofashions when you’re rocking your style.



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