Spring Trends: What To Know, What To Wear

Quote, "Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is."

Spring is in the air and after what seemed to be a very long winter –  it’s no wonder we are more than ready to celebrate – in style, of course.  Like always, with a change of seasons, you also get a turn in trends – which means new opportunities to refresh and update your wardrobe and overall look.  Spring is a time when flowers bloom, birds sing and the sunshine heats up.  New beginnings are exciting; especially when you have the confidence and tools you need to make changes and start, anew.

Whether you want to make a big or small change, it never hurts to keep up with the latest colors, styles and looks that are currently trending.  Often trends carry over from season to season, so you probably even have some tried and trues in your closet that you can bring out and show off again – paired with some bright new spring accessories, of course! Sometimes making old, “new” again is all you need to feel rejuvenated.

Colors & Prints

Yellows, pinks and bright blues – oh my!  That’s right, bright colors are having a moment and you can’t go wrong when bright is done right.  When you take a bold color combined with a trending print – like polka dots, stripes and florals, it’s a sure win-win.  A dress or skirt make it easy to show off both prints and colors in top to bottom fashion, but if you prefer separates, pairing a basic with a bold color or print is key.

If you are one who prefers to wear softer, subdued shades, then classic nautical hues and pastels are still here for you.  Navy, white and soft lavenders are still in season, sweet, and of course, chic.

Captioned, "Colors and prints" with three bright spring color swatches and prints, three softer spring color swatches and prints.

All In The Details

Like we saw in previous seasons, ruffles, crochet, kimonos and statement sleeves are not going anywhere anytime soon. We saw them before and we are seeing them again – and yes, we are still absolutely loving them!  When it comes to making a statement and what’s currently on-trend, it’s all about the details.  You can also now add denim “hem interest” and solid white statement shirts to that list of “must-haves.”

Close up images of a flutter sleeve detail, crochet on denim detail, printing on a kimono detail and lace up details on cropped pants. Captioned, "All in the details.

WOW-Making Jewelry

When you’re getting dressed for work, play or every day, let’s not forget those finishing pieces.  Think big.  Think bold.  Think jewelry that wants to get attention.  That’s right, statement making pieces – especially in earrings, are all we are earring about these days.  Whether you like to stand out with your clothes or keep a classic silhouette, adding a little “pop” to your look is always a plus.

Captioned, "Wow-making jewelry" with examples of colorful necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


You don’t need to step out of your comfort zone – in fact, it’s about staying comfortable and stylish at the same time.  Embellished sandals with beading, fringe and colorful accents bring a little “fun” to your feet, while classic slides, mules and athleisure sneakers never disappoint.   A pair of embellished shoes is just another effortless way to bring those “shades of the season” into your wardrobe.

Captioned, "Shoes beading and color." Examples of flat sandals and slide-ons.


While bolds and soft hues are making it big in fashion this spring, achieving a “no-makeup” look is something to think about.  What does this mean?  Neutral eyes, lips and even cheeks, while highlighting certain features is a beautiful, spring-forward look.  Give that pout a pretty smile with a soft shade of lipstick and gloss to top it off.  Grab a neutral shadow palette to make your eyes stand out – subtly.  Achieve an “awake” and fresh look with a yellow-gold highlighter across the cheekbones and inner corner of the eyes.

Want to add a little more color to your look?  Choose either your eyes or lips to add a pop of purple or pink for a sweet, colorful finish.

Captioned, "Makeup fresh and clean" with swatches of powder, lipgloss and eyeliner and a photo of a young woman looking naturally beautiful.

In The Bag

Well, now that you’re all dressed up and ready to go – you of course need that much-loved companion – your handbag!   Satchels in bucket and round shapes are what’s in store, along with pretty prints and solid colors.  Straw bags and embellished details are fun, on-trend and perfect for the warm-weather season.

Captioned, "In the bag." with a leather and lace handbag and clutch pictured.

Photo Finish

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