From Brunches To Egg Hunts: Styled 3 Ways

From Brunches to Egg Hunts: Styled 3 Ways

Rain, rain, go away.  Needless to say, we’ve had enough of these cold, rainy days and are ready for sunny weather and spring-ready styles.  With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start planning our outfits for church gatherings, Easter egg hunts, family pictures and those delightful early afternoon brunches.   Oh, and yes . . . we can’t forget about those Easter bunny guest appearances.  It’s the photo-making moment we all look forward to (or at least our kids and grandkids do).

With all that goes on during the spring season and Easter holiday, finding the right outfit that fits each activity – is key.  While it’s still fun to dress in hats and pretty dresses, there are definitely other options you can choose from that are a little less, “formal” and versatile enough so you can go from one activity to another, without even having to change.  With all the stylish pants, tops and skirts available, it’s just as easy to create a fancy and festive look with those individual pieces, too.  So, let’s not forget about those.

Sunday Brunch

Whether you just got out of church or just finished watching your kids go through their basket of goodies, it seems like an afternoon brunch is frequently on the agenda this time of year.   You want a look that you can feel pretty in and yet, still be comfortable.  This is the perfect time to mix casual pieces with some more feminine styles and create a top to bottom style that you can look good and feel good in – too.   Since you’ll be sitting and enjoying your meal – go for that heel or wedge shoe to give your look a little lift.

"Sunday Brunch" Woman in white pants, coral flowy top, heeled sandals and a neutral handbag.

Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s face it, you’re never too old for Easter egg hunts.  Whether you’re heading out for a scheduled hunt or coordinating your own, you want a look that is of course comfortable, and yet, pretty enough for those perfect, or not-so-perfect – photo moments.  This is a great time for an easy-to-wear pull-on skirt, a pair of comfortable flats and a pretty top to bring it all together.  Simple, fun, yet, still festive and Easter-worthy.

"Easter Egg Hunt" A woman in a white pencil skirt, floral angel sleeve top, flats and gold earrings.

Easter Dinner

You’ve been busy all day with those fun, celebratory festivities,  it’s now time to gather your loved one together for that special holiday meal.   You may be preparing the meal yourself, traveling to see family or going out to a nice restaurant  – any way you choose, it’s a great reason to pull out your, “Sunday best.”  Go ahead, grab that pretty dress, throw on a statement hat and find the right pair of shoes to bring it all together.  You’ve been running around all day, now is the time to slow down, relax and enjoy this joyous occasion – feeling confident and in style.

"Easter Dinner" A woman wearing a neautral floral shift dress, nude heels, a statement necklace and earrings.

Just like spring, Easter is a time to celebrate, “new beginnings.”  With that said, it’s also the perfect time to reinvent your spring style.  When you’re looking to “dress for the occasion” you can never go wrong with shades of pink, lavender, white and of course, floral prints.

So, hop-fully, we have you thinking about your Easter plans so you can start planning your weekend and just-right, attire.  But remember, be YOU.  Dress in what makes you feel pretty, comfortable and of course, #catoconfident.  It’s just another opportunity to let your style and personality – shine!



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