Are You Cato Confident?

#CatoConfident with black and white images of 4 beautiful women wearing Cato Fashions.

You may have heard us speak about Cato Confident.  Our social media pages are filled with hashtags using this term.   We are strong in our convictions on why we use these two words, how we use them and what exactly they mean.  However, when we recently stopped to think it, we started wondering, “Do our customers understand what it really means to be, “Cato Confident”?  We of course hoped so, but if not, it is definitely time to explain what Cato Confident means to us and why it’s so important for you to understand, too.

We want you to feel confident when wearing fashion styles from Cato.  No doubt.  Yes, we want you to walk out of the house and have that, “I look good and feel great”, attitude.   However, being Cato Confident means more than just wearing and feeling good in our clothes.  In fact, it’s so much more.

Let us explain.

A woman wearing a colorful kimono and pendant necklace with captions, "Affordable prices," "Fits that flatter," "Trust in Us."

We want you to know how much we value, YOU – your opinions, thoughts, feedback and of course, your support.  Yes, we may have changed things up through the years that some of you may have loved or perhaps, not so much. But we heard you.  All of you.  Cato Confident is knowing that you can count on us to do what we need to do, to make things better.

A woman in a long sleeve printed top with captions, "standout pieces," "tried and true staples," "Embrace your individuality."

Let’s face it – every single one of us is unique – uniquely beautiful, uniquely shaped and with a style that is uniquely, yours.  We offer a variety of sizes and styles so you can truly feel comfortable in your own skin and be the person you were meant to be.  Love sparkle?  Then shine on!  Love a more classic look?  Go ahead, show off your timeless style!  Born with a smaller frame or more curvy figure –  love that body you were given and dress in a way that shows you do!  Come on, it’s  yours forever and there is no better time than now to start really appreciating every single bit of you.

A woman wearing a lace top and kimono, pendant necklace and statement earrings captioned, "being a mom," "dressing up," "Finding your confidence zone"

Have you ever stopped to think about what really makes you feel good?  Life goes by so fast, that finding time for you and really focusing on what makes you feel confident, probably gets lost in the shuffle.  How can it not?  Maybe you’re  a busy mom, grandma, full-time student or a working professional.  Hey, who knows . . . you may even be all of the above.  Regardless, everyone is busy with life in general.  It’s important to take time to slow down and really think about what it is that brings out that confidence in you.  Is it when  you get dressed up?  Do you feel confident after a nice, long workout?  Do you feel it most when you help others or seeing your children succeed?   Confidence isn’t always about how you look or what you wear.  Feeling confident comes in all forms – but, it especially comes from within, first.  How you carry yourself on the outside is a direct relation to how you feel on the inside.

Being Cato Confident isn’t just about shopping at our store.  It’s recognizing who you are and being the best version of YOU.  It’s about trusting in us and relying on the fact that we care about you and want to give you that confidence boost you may need.  So tell us – what makes you, Cato Confident?  When do you feel your most confident?  We would love to know!


8 thoughts on “Are You Cato Confident?

  1. I love shopping at Cato’s! This store never fails me especially when I’m in a hurry and want a comfortable, affordable outfit!

  2. I absolutely love shopping at Cato’s. At our local Cato the employees know me and some have met my husband so when he’s looking for that perfect gift the ladies are eager to help him because the know my taste. Always in our price range and helpful to find it at another location if it’s not in stock at their store. Killeen, TX Cato store rocks!

  3. I have been shopping at Cato’s since 1989 and have had a Cato’s card since 1989. I can always find something to wear each time I go into a Cato’s store in Crossett, Arkansas; El Dorado, Ar; Magnolia, Ar; Monroe, La’s, etc. No matter where I travel to, the first thing I look up is a Cato’s Store!!!!

  4. Cato has been a wonderful go to for me. I love a polished wardrobe that can go from weekend casual to professional work week and all parties inbetween!
    The prices break down for price per wear that pay for themselves!

    1. I love my Cato in Saraland Alabama. I normally don’t like shopping for clothes. Being only 5 feet tall and 170 lbs. Makes it hard to find clothes that. I like and will actually wear. I often go into other stores hoping to find something I like. When I don’t,0 I know I can go to my Cato’s and find something there . I always love the colors of the clothes. Every year when I wonder what color will be popular this year, I look at Catos because what ever colors they have is what will be the hit for the season. Thanks Catos!
      Darla Brewington

  5. I use to love shopping at Cato’s and did so for years. But unfortunately they closed the store by my office here in Tomball and there isn’t another close to me. I hate that they closed it. I got to know the sweet ladies in there and they knew my style and I could always find outfits there. Please open the store again. 😪

  6. I love seeing photos of “real people” wearing Cato’s clothes. I do have a request, however. I really love the new ankle pants. Seems everyone can wear them, whether you’re young or ‘over the hill,’ tall, short, trim, or have a little padding. Not everyone looks good in leggings, so ankle pants are a viable option. I love ankle pants that are multicolored, especially those with a floral design. And, if the fabric is right, you can wear ankle pants pretty much all year around. These multicolored ankle pants seem to be the thing now. Please share my post with Cato’s designers. I would LOVE to see multicolored ankle pants in your stores. Thanks.

  7. If you want to look stylish, chic and fashionable shop Cato’s. Cato’s is my store for affordable fashions

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