A Pink And Red Love Affair

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. - Oscar Wilde


Whether he loves you or loves you not, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to that special day we celebrate each year on February, 14.  It seems like most people have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day – but, why?    Sure, it may feel geared toward the coupled and married world – but again, why?  Truth be told, Valentine’s Day is simply a day to acknowledge one thing – LOVE!

One Simple Rule

When it comes to Valentine’s day, there is only one rule to follow – celebrate love and those you adore.  It’s the perfect time to take a step back and focus on everything and everyone that makes our heart skip a beat or two, including friends, family, significant others and, YOU.  That’s right,  it’s also a great day to carve out some special time for yourself.  Remember that little term we just happen to use and yes, loveCato Confident?   Taking the time to show some, “self-love” on this day by celebrating, YOU, should really be added to your Valentine’s, “to-do” list each year.

Passion For Pink and Red

Now that we are done lecturing a bit on something we feel so strongly about, let’s talk about another something we happen to be head over heels for – our love affair with pink and reds.  With pink being a color of “unconditional love and nurturing” and red symbolizing, “love and passion”, bringing these two colors into your life is an easy way to bring out that confidence and show a little, self-love.

Hues – “To-Dos”

There is just something about reds and pinks that make us all swoon.  We’ve already established that these two colors sort of define love, but the shade and feminine qualities they share have a way of making us feel powerful, strong and well, just pretty.   Fashion is of course just one of many ways you can bring these lovely colors in to your life – but there are of course other ways to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day with this passionate palette . . .

let us count the ways . . .

  1.  Dress up:   Even if you’re not going out on a date – head out shopping, grab a bite with a friend and just feel so pretty-in pink (or red)  by dressing up and showing up.
  2. Be brilliant:   For those who may not want to go complete top to bottom in one of these two colors, it’s amazing how a sparkling necklace, earrings or brooch can lift your spirits and make you feel, be-you-tiful.
  3.  Walk the walk:  There’s nothing more confident than a woman in a pair of red shoes.  Casual or dressed up – stepping out in this powerful color will always make a lasting impression.
  4.  Warm up your look:  Layering your look with a bright pink jacket will not only warm you up, but will make your style stand out, boldly.
  5.  Nail it:  It’s your day, too.  Grab your favorite shade of pink or red (or get creative with both) and treat yourself to a well-deserved Valentine’s mani/pedi.
  6.  Toss the bouquet:  Ok, so maybe don’t exactly toss the bouquet, but how about buying yourself some pretty petals. Why wait for someone to bring you flowers, when you can go out and pick out your most favorite bunch.  There’s nothing more cheerful than some fresh flowers to decorate your space.
  7.  Soak it all in:  Everyone deserves a little pampering.  Grab yourself a rose and toss the petals in to a bath.  Light a candle or two, turn on your favorite tunes and enjoy a little R&R.
  8.  Talk the talk:  Splash a bold red or pink hue on those lips for a confident and contagious smile.  Keep the rest of your makeup on a more neutral level and let that pretty pout stand out!
  9.  Underneath it all:  Treat yourself to one of our matching bra and panty sets for a  beautiful and confident start to your day.  Reds, rose print, pretty red and pink florals, lace, silky fabric . . . trust us, we’ve got your top to bottom covered for a romantic and flirty feel.
  10.  Perfect Companion:  So you love wearing more neutral colors – go ahead!  Add a red bag to your neutral look for elevated style and a bold pop of color.

With January coming to an end and February upon us, reds and pinks will be having a major moment in more ways than one.  These are only ten of many ways you can bring these shades into your life and style.  In fact, it’s just the beginning.  And for those of you who may not have been struck by cupid’s red and pink arrow . . . maybe it’s time to open yourself up to these gorgeous and passionate hues.  And remember, Valentine’s day isn’t just be about romantic couples.  It’s about showing your love for others and remembering to give a little self-love to yourself!


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