5 Holiday Essentials – In Red

"5 holiday essentials in red" picture of a woman in cream top and red wide leg pants, a woman in a red swing dress and a woman in a red cold shoulder top and black skinny pants

Whether you are at home cookie baking, online shopping, running around party hopping or on-the-go gift getting, tis’ the season for our favorite holiday hue – yes, you guessed it, RED!   It’s no secret that December is the month where we all love to take in as much of this bold,  powerful and oh-so-festive color as we can get.  And, when it comes to style, well, let’s just say that the possibilities are endless.   This busy and joyous month calls for fashion that is casual and dressy and we have reds for head to toe or for just that little bit of, pop.

Running Around In Red

Let’s face it, when you are out tackling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you need fashion that looks good and feels good.   Busy days call for comfy clothes, but comfy definitely doesn’t mean, frumpy.  It’s the perfect time to show your love for the holiday in clothes that move with you, while looking good on you.   Leggings, sweaters, jeans and our casual tops will have you radiating in red and feeling good, too.

a woman wearing a red top, black embroidered pants and black heels. Captioned, "running around in red."

Lounging Around In Red

Have you started your baking yet?  Perhaps you’ve been spending your nights browsing for the most perfect holiday gifts?  How about decking the halls?  Regardless of how you’re spending your days around the house this season, there’s no better time for pajama time, athleisure time, or those cozy, coordinating velour pieces in our gorgeous red plum shades.  You still want to dress for the season, but you should do it in the most comfortable way as possible.  That’s key!

a woman in an athleisure red jacket and pants. Captioned, "Lounging around in red."

Party Hopping In Red

Ok, now for the fun part.  You’ve been making all your lists, checking them twice and getting things done for others – it’s your time to let loose, feel pretty and bring out your holiday best – in red, of course.   Holiday best doesn’t always have to be about dresses, it can also be about embellishments, luxe fabrics and details that dazzle.  It also doesn’t have to be head-to-toe red.  A dressy top with a pair of velvet heels, a red pair of pants or perhaps even a stunning red kimono is just as party-worthy as your standard party dress.

A woman in a red dress. captioned, "party hopping in red"

A POP of Red

Maybe you’re not wanting to go full-force red with your style, but you do want a little bit of that festive color.  This is your chance to bring out those bold, red accessories that brighten up your look.  Our scarlet jewelry collection, holiday brooches and scarves add a touch of red, in a chic, subtle way.   It’s amazing how a simple accessory can update your look for Santa-ready style.

a woman shopping wearing a black dress, red heels and red handbag. Captioned, "A Pop of red"

Cold-Weather Red

The weather outside is frightful (or, so the song says) so don’t forget to dress for the weather (and the season) and throw on a jacket, a scarf and/or a cute hat with a  pair of gloves.  Our cold weather looks in wine and red plaids will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and looking oh-so holiday RED-y!

So when you’re out celebrating the season, don’t forget to get in to the spirit of things with your style.  Regardless of what you may be doing, it’s always a great time to add this bright and cheery color to your wardrobe – it’s truly a must.  Tell us how you include this favorite holiday shade in your look – we’d love to know!

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