7 Must-Have Sweaters This Season

Must Have Sweaters: What you need now! Sweaters hanging in a closet

That’s right.  It’s sweater weather (we know, you’ve heard it before – but we just couldn’t resist).  In comes the sweaters and out goes those warm-weather outfits you’re probably tired of wearing by now.  And, although you may have a closet full of sweaters, everyone needs to have some new looks to add to their warm and cozy collection.

This season it’s not just about your classic pullover sweater.  Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely one you need to include in your cold-weather wear.  However, we also have more styles that are noteworthy, essential and totally trending.

Below are our favorite cozy looks that will not only warm you up this season, but will also enhance your cool-weather style and give you a whole new outlook on the meaning of, sweater weather.

Pullover Sweaters

Basic, classic and timeless, pullover sweaters are your grab-and-goes for those tailgates, pumpkin picking, weekend adventures and backyard fire pit parties. They are easy to throw on and perfect to wear with your favorite pair of jeans.  Whether you are a simple girl who prefers solids or love a little more detail – pullover sweaters come in everything from plain, to ruffles and everything in between.  They are a tried-and-true staple that you really can’t have too many of.

The Pullover Sweater: A woman in a gray pullover sweater

Cold Shoulder Sweaters

Cold shoulders, bare shoulders, open shoulders or any other name you may like to call them, are still hot – even on these chilly and soon-to-be cold weather days.  There is just something about a little shoulder peek-a-boo action that makes us feel feminine, flirty and yes, just pretty.  No matter your age or size, cold shoulder sweaters flatter and soften up your style for a sweet and appealing look.

The Cold Shoulder: A woman in a cold shoulder sweater

Sweater Dresses

It’s a sweater.  It’s a dress.  Yes, you got it – it’s having your cake and eating it too in the world of fashion.  When it comes to a versatile look for work or play, a sweater dress is the cream of the crop.  Also, let’s face it – a sweater dress is the perfect choice when you are looking to wear something with those new favorite boots you just splurged on.  There is just something about a sweater dress and a pair of boots that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Sweater Dress. A woman in a cable knit gray sweater dress

Cardigan Sweaters

This is the time of year for unpredictable temps; and with unpredictable temps, come our love for layers.  It’s the sweater we need to keep at the office or the one we grab when we’re heading out to dinner.  A good cardigan sweater doesn’t only keep us warm, it’s a great way to update your look, while taking your style effortlessly through the seasons.

The Cardigan. a woman looking cozy in a fringed cardigan.

Sweater Vests

When it comes to style, sometimes it’s not always about functionality.  This sleeveless style is definitely not going to be the sweater you grab when you are needing to bundle up and face the chill.  This is going to be the one you grab when you are looking to add a little dimension, color or variety to your look.  Have a warm-weather dress that you’re not quite ready to give up yet for the cooler weather?  Selecting a vest to layer over the dress will give you another look you can transition in to fall.  Or, perhaps you have a lightweight long sleeve top you want to wear, but need that little extra something to warm it up and give it a more seasonal look.   If that’s the case, this is the style for you and one that deserves a permanent space in your closet.

The Sweater Vest. A woman in a neutral sweater vest and long sleeve top


Yes, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if you don’t own a poncho, you definitely need one in your life.  Available in a variety of colors, styles and textures, these bohemian inspired beauties convey a cozy free-spirited vibe, perfect for the season.   When it comes to this beloved layering piece, it’s all about the details – plaids, prints, buttons and tassels.  I mean, who doesn’t love cuddling up in a blanket on those brisk fall days?  Ponchos provide a chic alternative to a jacket, while providing that blanket-like comfort we can’t seem to get enough of.

The Poncho. A woman looking happy in an oversize poncho


We know what you’re thinking – what in the world is a coatigan?   It’s a word you don’t hear every day, but it’s not too hard to figure out.  A coatigan is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a coat and a cardigan in one.  Heavier than a cardigan, it’s more of a coat with a sweater feel.  It’s a piece definitely worth having when you are looking for something a little more “fallish” with less of a winter-coat feel we’re just not quite ready for yet.

The Coatigan. A woman in a neutral coatigan.

Now that we have you thinking about the sweaters in your closet and what you may need or just gotta have, why not let us know what your favorite must-have sweater is and share with us using #catoconfident.


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