Why It’s Time To Think Pink

Three women in Pink Cato outfits with the caption, "Why Pink is the Color of the Moment."

We know how much you love getting your pink on in the spring and summer months, but let’s not neglect pink in the fall and winter months, too.  In fact, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it gives us even more of a reason to, be, “in the pink” this season.  Whether you want to show your support for all the amazing survivors, fighters and those who have lost the battle to breast cancer, or just simply love the color; now is the time to think outside the spring and summer box, by thinking pink – all year round.

Shades of Pink

Now that we clarified and hopefully convinced you that pink really is a year-round color when it comes to fashion and accessories, you may be wondering what shades of pink are actually, in season.  Well, let’s just say that we do not discriminate with any particular shade.  In fact, everything from the lighter shades like rose and blushes to brighter shades like one of our favorites, raspberry sorbet, are showing up on all must-have tops and accessories.

Four women in all shades of pink with the caption, "Shades of Pink."

Blush – A New Neutral

Yes, it’s true.  We all love those standard neutral colors – blacks, browns, beige, grays, ivories and whites, especially in the cooler months.  Not only tried and true, these are our go-to colors and our sort of comfort zone colors when it comes to getting dressed.  Now, what if we told you to add blush and lighter pinks to that neutral category?  Think about it – pale pinks are a nice alternative when you want a little splash of color added to your wardrobe, but one that complements many other colors we love.  Wistful mauve is our new neutral and can be found in many of our tops, dresses, intimates and athleisure wear.  It’s soft, feminine and very versatile.  With characteristics like those, you really can’t go wrong.

Three women wearing blush with the caption, "Blush - A New Neutral"


Electric Pink

This is the shade of pink that truly defines being, “Cato Confident.”  It’s bold, stands out and is not afraid of getting noticed.  Raspberry sorbet is the name of our electric pink shade and one you can also find in many of our tops and accessories.  It’s also a color that gives the pop to some of our printed pieces, such as our popular plaids and windowpane prints.  Brighter shades of pink brighten up those cooler months that unfortunately tend to get a bit dreary at times.  It’s a fun color and one that brings out the happy in all of us.

Three women in pink with the caption, "Electric Pink".

Where To Wear

Whether you choose to wear light or bright, pink is a shade you can take from morning to night.  Our wistful mauve sleep and lounge pieces are perfect for those relaxing days, while our dresses and tops in this soft hue are great for brunches, daytime festivities and romantic dinner dates.  Our array of raspberry sorbet pieces will never disappoint when you are looking to add a pop of color to your look.  Work or play, this fun shade will brighten up your blacks and grays, instantly and beautifully.


Pink is the shade of all seasons.  With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and pink being the color of the cause, what a great time to not only bring this hue in to your cool-weather wardrobe, but show your support in style.

Examples of where to wear your pink: Relaxing at home, brunch and dinner, or the office!



4 thoughts on “Why It’s Time To Think Pink

    1. Pink is a beautiful expressive color of loveliness. All shades of pink fit my fancy from the lighter pale, blush, to the hot pink, fushcia.

  1. I Love PINK 🌸💗🎀 It is my most FAVORITE COLOR and especially around OCTOBER besides being the Pink Month for supporting Breast Cancer awareness; it is when I can find different shades of PINK that I get crazy with…
    Wonderful blog about the PINK COLOR and it’s variety of shades… I learned something new about my beloved PINK… 🎀🎀🎀🎀💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
    Thank you very much 😍😍🌸🎀

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