Our Tried & True Fit & How We Make You #CatoConfident!

Our Tried and True for and how we make you #CatoConfident

We all know how important it is to find clothes that are not only stylish, but also reliable and figure flattering.  Having a great fit is super important to us, and we know it’s important to you because we have listened to your thoughts and suggestions. For years we’ve used real people with real bodies to fit our products and we’ll continue to do so. The key word here is REAL.  Keep reading to see how hard we work to keep you feeling #CatoConfident.

For a look behind the scenes, we asked for some insight from our fabulous technical design team on our fit process.  You’ve told us how much you love our clothes and fit, but we wanted to share exactly what goes into developing a good fit.  In fact, lucky you, our technical design team is about to share some of their secrets!

How does the technical design process work?

Technical Designers: Our fashion designers create the inspiration for each style. We then produce sketches and collaborate with our designers to ensure that design concepts are authentic and outlook is executed correctly.

jeans being altered on a dress form and a dress being altered on a dress form

How do you determine a good fit?

Technical Designers:  We use fit models close to our standards for measurement and body types in both junior/misses and plus sizes. Not only do they try on the clothes, but they also sit, walk, reach and move in the garment so that we can evaluate the fit, comfort and the actual, “look” of the design. We want to make sure the garments are ready for every day wear – and having our fit models try on each style ensures that!

How do you fit for the variety of sizes offered?

Technical Designers:  Our junior/misses styles are fit at the same time as our plus size styles, so that the product is made with the same fabric, colors and print.  While the styles have the same outlook, some garments may have slight differences to accommodate a plus size figure. For example, plus size styles may feature longer lengths for a more flattering fit.

A young woman working at her desk measuring a shirt with a measuring tape

What other tools do you use?

Technical Designers:  We also have customized dress forms made specifically for Cato that are used to analyze fit and to photograph any technical issues that we see. In addition, all our vendors have these same dress forms, so they can duplicate what we show them in the pictures. This process helps get the final product perfected and approved in a timely manner.

How else do you ensure a confident fit?

Technical Designers: We incorporate a lot of shape enhancing and comfort features in many of our styles. We not only use elastic waists, darts and different strap and sleeve lengths; we also use special shape enhancing features that flatter your figure even more.  For example, we always provide room over body measurements for ease of movement. We put a lot of thought into the things we all tend to be self-conscience about – such as being bra-strap-friendly, offering slenderizing panels in our pants, and waistband placement to accommodate different sizes and preferences. We also make sure we have the right inseams and lengths for all our styles.

A Cato top being fitted to a dress form.

So, what are the final steps?

Technical Designers:  After fitting submitted samples, we measure each garment thoroughly to make sure it meets our specifications.  We study the fit, send any last fit comments and once approved, it then goes into production.  It’s really like putting a puzzle together and is a complete team effort.

What else would you like to share about the fit process?

Technical Designers: Our mission is to provide our customers with a good fit that’s comfortable and flattering, consistent sizing and quality construction. We take pride in providing that to her!

A cardigan being shown on both a plus size dress form and a junior misses dress form.

Everyone’s body is special and unique. With a combination of your input, using real women to fit our clothes and special enhancement technology to compliment your assets, it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands when shopping online or in store with us.  Oh, and did we mention that our technical design team combined has hundreds of years experience in the apparel industry?  Yes, it’s true!  Our team not only has a passion for creating a great fit, they use their knowledge of pattern making, fit analysis, garment construction and manufacturing to create that fit you love.

A photo of the entire Cato Fashions Fit team.

We love hearing from you – your comments help us develop future styles. Show us how you feel confident and share your photo with #CatoConfident!


6 thoughts on “Our Tried & True Fit & How We Make You #CatoConfident!

  1. Hi Cato family i love your clothes very much ! the prices and the fashion are fantastic !!! Please keep up the good work. Thank You Beverley

  2. I really wish you all make most of the shirts more longer in front some plus size women have lower bigger stomachs dont get me wrong y’all are awesome the😘

    1. HI Latoria! Thank you so much for sharing! Our current plus size tops are two inches longer than our junior/misses tops. However, we will absolutely share your message with our fit team for review. 🙂

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I want to say thank you for your passion in creating styles and sizes to fit everybody. I wear petite length pants size 6 and 8 with elastic in the waistband and can’t wear pants with a button and zipper. (Too much gut not enough butt.) I wear a large size top. The blouse button holes gaps open in large sizes and extra large sizes are too large. Long sleeves are entirely too long, so I am looking for 3/4 sleeves tops.

    It feels so good to pick out clothes that I don’t have to try on.


  4. My body does not wear jeans well at all.
    The stretch in them is not good. I’m pulling and tugging on them to stay up on my stomach.
    I’m a size 12 and I have heard many others say the same thing.

  5. What a great blog post highlighting the behind the scenes efforts of your technical design team. I know how hard this team works to give the customers a consistent, flattering and functional fit. Also great to see some familiar faces in the photo 🙂 Emily

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