Let’s Talk Denim!

Three Cato denim buyers holding a variety of Cato denim

Our new fall denim has arrived! Today we have all the details on trends, fabric and everything else you need to know about Cato jeans from our Denim Design and Buying teams. Keep reading to learn more about the trends they love this season and why our jeans are awesome!

What do you love most about Cato jeans?

Amy: “The fabric is so soft and stretchy and the fashion details are unlike anywhere else for the price!”

Megan: “Incredibly fashionable trends at affordable prices!”

Hannah: “I love all the added details to our jeans. They are so different from anything else!”

A beautiful women wearing black skinny jeans with Caption, "Everyone needs a black skinny to wear year round." - Amy, Designer

What styles of jeans should every woman have in her closet?

Amy: “Everyone needs a black skinny to wear year round. This can always be dressed up with a blouse and jacket, but look just as cute with a t shirt for the weekend!”

Megan: “Our dark wash skinny is so versatile. You can wear it day or night. You can dress it up with some heels for date night or casual with flats for an outing with the girls.”

A beautiful women wearing bootcut denim with caption, "I love our dark wash that we offer in skinny and bootcut. They're perfect for every day." - Megan, Buyer

What makes Cato jeans so great?

Amy: “The fabrics we use have a great feel inside and out. They are light enough to be worn in any season as well. The best part is they stretch with you throughout the day so they are comfortable to wear for errands, dinner or just to lounge around in on the weekends.”

Megan: “Our jeans incorporate great body solution features. I love the shape enhancing tummy panel! It truly keeps you feeling confident all day long.”

Hannah: “It can be hard to find fashionable jeans at great prices. I love that we can offer feminine and fun designs that fit almost any budget.”

GIF of Cato model dancing in Cato bootcut denim

What are the newest trends in denim you are most excited about this season?

Amy: “New details such as feminine embroideries and embellishment. I especially love all of the new washes that are being offered each one is distinctly unique.”

Megan: “I’m loving distressed details and patchwork. So fun!”

Hannah: “Definitely embroidery! It’s so feminine and sweet.”

A beautiful woman in relaxed distressed jeans with caption, "I love all the added details to our jeans. They are so different from anything else!" - Hannah, Senior Assistant buyer

What can we look forward to seeing from Cato jeans in the coming months?

Amy: “One of a kind details in patchwork, embroidery, back pockets and new denim skirts. The dark wash stud front jeans are one of my favorites coming later this season. They incorporate beautiful mixed metals and can be worn casual or dressy, making them so versatile.”

Megan: “Ditto! The details are so lovely!”

Hannah: “Embroidery! It’s a big trend that I think we’ve done in a really feminine and fun way.”

GIF of Cato model posing in distressed Cato jeans

Five different styles of Cato denim

What Cato jeans are your favorites?

Amy: “I really love our new dark wash super skinny. It’s a new blue hue which pairs great with all colors and neutrals. It can be worn all fall and winter. It features a stretchy broken twill fabric with clean navy stitching for a modern update.”

Megan: “I love our everyday dark wash that we offer in a skinny and bootcut. They’re perfect for everyday.”

Hannah: “I love our fashion denim. They are just so eye-catching.”

Three Cato buyers/ Designers posing in Cato denim

At Cato we’re committed to creating jeans that complement your everyday life and keep you feeling confident from every angle. Be sure to check out our online Fall Denim Edit to learn even more about our great selection of jeans! Share your style with us on social media for a chance to be featured! Use #catojeans to show off your favorites!


15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Denim!

  1. Cute post! I love Cato denim, great finds and prices. Like high waist styles and stretch fabric, very comfy.

  2. The denim trend is also very versatile and fluid to both the male & female genders. It is August now, autumn is now coming. You can’t miss denim jeans!!

    1. Hi when will denim skirts return to your storrd..the silsbee ,tx lumberton, tx and port arthur, tx??

  3. Love, love, love Cato jeans of a couple of years ago. Larger girls need REAL denim on larger legs in stead of the stretchy, show every hump, bump and flaw that everything seems to be made of. I have bought every pair of Cato jeans I can find on eBay trying to get a real pair of jeans. Please make a couple of pair in REAL denim with straight or boot cut or legs which are much more flattering for larger girls. ♡

    1. Jess, I disagree…I love the stretch denim jeans. Straight denim doesn’t give and to stiff. I look great in my denim stretch jeans!!!

  4. Wow! This is an awesome topic. I don’t buy jeans from anywhere else. Catos jeans are durable and stylish. Catos jeans are the only jeans that fit me well and cover my whole bottom (butt). I can sit down and Catos jeans adjust. I also love the gorgeous designs. I love Catos jeans.

    1. Cato now carries many styles of denim skirts. Shop online to see all available styles. You can order from any Cato store and have the skirt shipped to the store and save the shipping charges. Not all stores carry every style denim skirt.

  5. I guess I’m in a minority of being too practical for today’s fashion, but I like my jeans to be versatile enough to wear any time, for any occasion, and that fit well and are also comfortable and flattering. Unfortunately, skinny jeans do NOT work for me. But it feels like that’s all I see lately.

    My dream jeans are classic high-rise waist (please don’t make me fight muffin tops), flare leg (the most comfortable and flattering for my ugly leg shape), with no holes, rips, or overabundance of embellishments (so I can wear them anywhere without worrying they are too casual). I got a pair like this from Cato last year, and my biggest regret was not purchasing more of them because I haven’t been able to find anything like them since. I frequently settle for bootcut because they’re the closest thing I can find to flare, although totally not the same. But then, it’s nothing new for me to be unable to find the kind of clothes that work for me, so maybe it’s just me.

  6. I love Cato jeans whether its regular denim or the stretch denim. I’m not crazy about finding so many with the cutup design unless it has the backing in them and you can’t see your skin the cut part on the legs. It would be great to find some fringe at the end of the legs of the jeans. Found some at another store but overly priced. I’m a bling girl looking for great designs. How about bringing in my denim vest, short and crop denim jackets?

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