Our TOP Picks with Cato Buyers!

Three Cato Buyers holding a variety of Cato pieces

The top often makes the outfit, which is exactly why we decided to ask our buying team about their favorite tops of the season and what trends they are most excited about. Keep reading to see what our buyers had to say about their TOP picks!

A lay down shot of an off the shoulder top, denim shorts and sandals.

Wear versatility on your sleeve with a top featuring elastic off the shoulder design. This genius two-in-one can be worn both on and off the shoulder to take you to your maximum comfort. Show a little shoulder for date night or wear it on the shoulder for extra confidence and more bra friendly styling. Pair this printed beauty with distressed Bermuda shorts and your favorite summer sandals for a perfect weekend look.

A lay down shot of a cold shoulder flare sleeve top, dark wash jeans, shooties and a handbag.

Our buyers love sleeve interest at the moment. Take a cue from Cato Senior Assistant Buyer, Kara. Cold shoulders, slits, bell sleeves…she loves it all!

Kara says, “Sleeve interests are really on trend right now. Cold Shoulders like this one complement bold prints without taking away from the detail.”

Achieve sharp style and let the sleeve details shine with super skinny jeans, cone heels and the perfect anytime crossbody.A lay down shot of a crochet and lace sleeveless top, distressed jeans and an infinity scarf.

Lace and crochet is always a favorite trend. We’ve updated this classic with mesh lace and crochet border hemlines for a feminine yet modern style. With opaque lining along the thick straps and crochet and lace details, this top is a bra-friendly option for those warm summer days. Take this delicate look to the chic level with distressed denim and a bold printed scarf.A lay down shot of a high low blouse, white pants and sandals

High Low hemlines are flattering and elegant, adding an extra boost of confidence to your daily style. Cato Senior Assistant Buyer, Nicole, is a big fan of this ladylike style.

“Alternative hemlines are having a major moment. I am crushing on this high low top with feminine pleated details,” says Nicole.

Alternative hemlines with longer lengths take a graceful approach when featuring elements like pleats, draping and embroidery. Take a fun turn on the trend with sharkbite hemlines. Complement your white ankle pants with high low hemlines and block heel sandals for soft, flowy style.A lay Down shot if a tank, colorful kimono, denim shorts and sandals

Flowy, graceful style makes a statement with printed kimonos. We love this style for versatile, light layering. Details including tassels, embellishments and ruffles take our favorite third pieces to the next level. Erin, Cato Buyer, loves these bright and impactful looks.

“Layering items like kimonos are great transition pieces for those hot temps to chilly AC. Bright colors and bold prints make them even more perfect.”

Pair a color coordinating layering tank with a printed kimono, denim shorts and comfy sandals for a beach to brunch look.

From lace and crochet to alternative hemlines and kimonos, our buyers have great taste in tops! Remember to share your favorite Cato tops with us on social media! Use #mycatostyle for a chance to be featured!


7 thoughts on “Our TOP Picks with Cato Buyers!

  1. Great choices ladies! Kimonos and longer hem lines is what the customer has been asking for! Thank you so much ! Can’t wait to order the long hem lines! And hopefully the kimonos soon guess they went to quick! Get more asap😀❤

  2. Where are your plus size buyers? Only a plus size woman would know how clothes fit properly on a plus size body. Also, not all plus size ladies are boxes, some of us have curves. The boxy style tops or tops that show too much of the shoulder, or are longer in the back plastering themselves on our backsides is not exactly flattering.

  3. Love all the outfits Cato is my store 95 % of my clothes come from Cato.The quality of the clothes is great and the last a long time .

  4. The clothing in my local Cato’s is awful! The patterns look like curtains from the 1930’s! Catos used to be THE store to get cute things but not now. The past couple of years the clothes have gotten uglier. I can’t imagine young women wanting to wear them. Or maybe my local Cato’s is where the unsold clothes end up.

  5. Almost all of my clothes come from Cato s my friends call me the Cato Queen because whatever city in in I always find the local Cato store!.

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