Your Top Summer Essentials with Lauren!

Your Top Summer Essentials with Lauren! Picture of Lauren at her desk surrounded by clothing.

Hello Cato family! Stylist Lauren here to talk to you about this year’s summer essentials. These go-to summer trends are crucial for beating the heat and looking good while doing it.

Get a handle on your sandal!

Get a Handle on Your Sandal! Picture of a variety of sandal styles
Sandals are essential for any summer getaway. Whether you choose flat sandals, block heels or embellishments, they go with just about anything in your summer wardrobe. Pair them with your favorite denim and an off the shoulder top or with a long maxi dress. Make sure to pick a great neutral color to go with all your bright summer hues.

It’s totes beach season!

It's Totes Beach Season! A variety of tote bag styles
Every beach trip deserves an awesome tote. You can gather all your beach essentials – your favorite magazines/books, beach towel, or even a change of clothes. The light weight tote bag is the perfect addition to any summer ensemble.

Cap it off!

Cap it Off! A variety of Hats perfect for the beach
Going to brunch with the ladies or a quick run to the store and you don’t feel like fussing with your hair? Just throw on a baseball cap and go. The baseball cap will be the homerun to your favorite athleisure outfit. A baseball cap is your go-to team member and will always knock it out the park.

Sundress to impress!

Summer Dresses! A variety of summer dresses available at Cato
What’s important about summer dresses? They’re travel ready, lightweight and fit perfectly in your suitcase for a quick summer getaway. The breathable knit fabrics are great for any outdoor activity. A loose-fitting swing dress is easy to throw on over your swimsuit and be on your way.

Maxi Dresses! A variety of beautiful maxi dresses available at Cato

The sand grazing maxis are perfect for a walk on the beach or going out with friends. Pick a bold tropical or global print for a show stopping look. In fact, pair it with a wedge and you’re ready for a waterfront dinner for two.

Add a little flirt to your skirt!

Add a little flirt to your skirt! A variety of skirt styles available at Cato
Our skirts are your new go to for summer solstice. Couple it with a simple tank and let the skirt do the work. Head out for a fun night of dancing or to your favorite music festival and watch that skirt twirl.

Don’t fall short this summer!

Don't Fall Short this summer! A variety of shorts that are available at Cato
A timeless trend that never goes out of style is shorts. You can never go wrong with wearing denim or lightweight shorts in the sweltering sun. Whether you like a bermuda length or shorter inseam, it is all about what you are most comfortable in this summer. Embroidery on your denim adds that extra special touch to your everyday. The lightweight soft shorts are just the right amount of comfort and breatheablility. Not to mention the array of colors you have to choose from. Cato has a wide selection of eye catching patterned shorts that will bring just the right amount of flare. They’re perfect to throw on over your bathing suit and head to the beach.

Let’s get ready to enjoy the summer with the essentials our warm weather closets can’t live without! If you try any of these styles be sure to tag us on social media with #mycatostyle. We can’t wait to see your summer style!


15 thoughts on “Your Top Summer Essentials with Lauren!

  1. Let’s see if you make more fashionable longer shorts instead of shorter ones especially for us older ladies.

    1. Cato doesn’t care about older ladies……their target customer is the 20-something to 30-something-year-Olds. The customers, who made them a billionaire, have now been kicked to the curb.

  2. I have shopped at Cato for at least 20 years. I have been known to drive to five stores in one day to find my size. The website has helped a lot for store orders, but store transfers would make my life even easier.

    I rely on Cato in my area for reasonable pricing, but the fashions for the last 6+ months have not been great. I am 50+ in plus size and collect palazzo pants and loved the sleepwear last winter.

    I would like to see more slinky poly materials, 3/4 length sleeves, nice animal print clothing as well as handbags with compartments and flat shoes. I can’t wear 4+ inch heels. I don’t care for the off shoulder or cold shoulder styles because I must wear a bra and TUNIC lengths with a hanky hem or sharkbite hem are great for all body types and with leggings.

    I wish that I could be a shopper for Cato or help make decisions on fabric and style choices. I see way more woman my age than younger girls who shop at the Mall.

  3. I love Cato fashion and I am a regular weekly shopper. Here lately I do not like the shirts that are being put out bc they are to short in the front. I am plus size and like my tops to be longer but got one the other day and it was like a crop top in front and longer In back. Please get shirts that are longer in the front. Took the shirt back to store for refund and asked them why and they told me to complain to corporate. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns about our current merchandise offering. We want you to know we are listening to your concerns and are working hard with our design team to create styles that keep you feeling confident from every angle. We appreciate your loyalty as we continue to take steps to improve and bring you the styles you know and love.

  4. Love this!!! I am in love with this soft flowy fabric!! Keep it coming!!! I am secretly hoping this fabric will continue into fall with vests!? Store 1248

  5. 🌹This is my favorite store. Cato has dress me for many occasions. Always receive many compliments on my outfit, Jeweler’s . Also super prices.💖 Love this store!!🔑

  6. I love Cato fashions, I shop Cato all the time, probably too much, the shoes, the sun dresses..the purses and the jewelry..oh my.. I only wish you would offer coupons and sales, not just clearance sales.

  7. I have been looking for a retro high backed vest. Hoping this fall will bring some. Any thoughts?

  8. I am an organizer/founder of The Cato Queens. We have our own Facebook group and corporate is welcome to join (do a search and you’ll find us). We are professional travel industry ladies, bankers and others who love to dress “head to toe Cato.” I’m not joking when I tell you that most of us spend $$$$ with Cato every year. We hunt down the stores in every US city where we are for work and conferences. With all that being said, both the plus-sized of us and the skinnies have been less than thrilled with the tops offered in the spring/summer line. We are ladies in our 50s and 60s who, while not frumpy dressers at all, do appreciate longer tops to pair with leggings and skinny pants. Speaking as a queen-sized Cato Queen, I don’t want a waist-length top leaving half my post-menopausal gut exposed beneath it! I feel confident that all of you at corporate are aware of your customers’ displeasure over these new cropped and short-tailed designs. As one who shops multiple Cato Stores in several states, I see the clearance racks jam-packed with these unpopular styles.
    So, respectfully, we’re asking your designers to do what works, and even better, what SELLS!! We want our tunics back!!
    PS – Our team would be happy to volunteer our service as an unofficial fashion board/focus group for your designers and marketing execs! <3

  9. Hello, I would just like to say thank you for getting the Longggg skirts back! I love them and will continue to buy as long as you sell!;)
    I would like to ask you to please order some MAXI length blue jean skirts! Love them too and so do a lot of my friends! Get and we will buy please!

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