Styling Stripes with Don and Lauren

Styling Stripes with Don and Lauren. Two beautiful young women with outfits on that feature stripes.

Stripes are your friend. Stripes come in all shapes and sizes and they all should be embraced. Lauren and I love a great stripe, be it bold that catches your attention or subtle that gives just a hint of something special to your daily wardrobe. Here are 3 ways we love outfitting with stripes.

Bold Stripes. A beautiful young woman wearing a black t-shirt, denim jacket and a bold black and white stripe faux wrap skirt.Let’s talk about the bold stripe first, the eye catcher. This pattern says, “I want to be seen today.” If you are indeed a bit of an extrovert then have at it. A skirt, top or even dress will show your sassiness, but let’s not forget the rule of moderation. Just stick to one bold thing. (e.g. a skirt, or top, or jacket) Too much of a good thing makes for an eyesore. An easy outfit would be to pair a bold stripe with something of the same color as the stripe. For example, a navy stripe top gets a navy pant and a black striped skirt gets a black top. Keep it simple. If you want to take it a step further, add a neutral like camel or taupe to give it more of a contrast. This ensemble says, “Oh I just threw this all together.” Even though no one just throws something together like that. It’s all thought out and you’ll make an impressive entrance.

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Pattern Mixing. A beautiful young woman wearing a black and white striped top with a black and white polka dot skinny ankle pant.Feeling a little daring? What if you want to mix patterns? Is that even possible? It sure is, and it can be very fun. The same rule applies though. Too much of a good thing can be unsettling, so here’s what you should keep in mind. Along with your one bold item, your other patterns should be more subtle and the hues should be able to go together whether it’s in the same tonal range or color. For example, you can totally wear that bold stripe top and you can put a small polka dot ankle pants in the same color as your stripe and presto! How cute would that be?

We like mixing patterns because we’re pairing a graphic pattern with another graphic pattern. A subtle plaid or window pane pattern with a bold stripe makes sense because both are graphic and linear. Putting them in the same color range will pull those two seemingly different pieces together. Mixing patterns should be embraced and experimented with.

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Updated Classics. A beautiful young woman wearing an off the shoulder black and white striped sweater, wide leg black pants and a leopard print handbag.But what if you’re more of a classically cool sort of gal? Don’t be afraid of the bold. Take it down a notch by using it as a layering piece or having a few things in the same hue to minimize the effect. You can totally do an ankle jean with a bold stripe top and cover it with a tonal coat or blazer and walk down the street with confidence while people will look at you and say, “My that’s a well put together lady.”

Classic stripes can also be fun. If you have a horizontal stripe, pair it with some luxurious high-wasted wide leg trousers. Very chic we dare say. This particular outfit is all about the silhouette: form fitting at the top, narrow at the waist, and falling down to a wide leg. You don’t even need a high-waisted pant if you don’t want to. Any trouser will do. The top can be a range of things, from a blouse to an off the shoulder look and tucked in.

I know, I know. You heard horizontal stripes and you immediately stuck your nose in the air. The common belief is a horizontal stripe will make you look wide. Well, yes it can but it’s easily rectified. Use the horizontal top as a layering piece and pull a solid color blazer or sweater over it and leave it unbuttoned. The gap of the opening will create a narrow pop of stripes down the middle giving the illusion of a narrow form. It’s all about proportions.

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Stripes are a fun and always fashionable approach to wearing prints. We hope this post has inspired you to add stripes to your wardrobe in your own, individual way. If you do, remember to share and tag us on social media! We always love seeing your #mycatostyle.


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