Boot Up for Fall with Cato Stylists, Don & Lauren!

Time to Boot Up with Don and Lauren. Don and Lauren sit in front of a variety of boots. They playfully act like a couple of boots are telephones and talk into them.

Let’s talk about boots, shall we? Fall is upon us, which means the weather should begin to be “livable” once again and more importantly, it’s the time of the year to start layering. Lauren and I agree that layering is one of our favorite things to do when dressing for the season, but we both understand that no autumn outfit is complete without a great pair of boots. Just think how deliciously versatile these little beauties are. Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or hosting dinner at home with family and friends; fall boots are a necessity.

Over the Knee Boot
We can’t get enough of over the knee boots. Contouring your leg from your foot to your knee, these long and lean stunners are so easy to outfit for fall it’s almost criminal. How do you ask? For a trendsetting look, pair them with a mini skirt or cozy knit sweater dress that leaves just a sliver of skin showing. Not quite your style? No problem, the outfit options are endless. Try pairing them with leggings and a tunic sweater; cozy up with a knit poncho; or keep it chic with jeans, a turtleneck and leather jacket.

Style Tip: Wear over the knee boots with a skirt and show just a sliver of skin. Three examples of this are shown.
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Lace Ups

Lace up accents can truly make a one-of-a-kind look, which explains why they are the must-have trend of the season. Inspired by the gladiator sandal, these fierce boots are all the rage right now. If they have cutouts, avoid wearing them over leggings or jeans. Typically a skirt, shorts or dress work best with this trend. For added drama, wear them with a long coat that will open up as you strut down the street as if it is a runway.

Style Tip: Add a long coat for a runway-inspired look.  Examples shown.
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The Riding Boot

The timeless riding boot proves to be a tried and true wardrobe must-have. Originally used for, what else, riding horses, these luxurious boots have been a status symbol and representation of high-class society throughout history. However, nowadays we can buy these boots and achieve a stately look without breaking the bank. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a navy blazer with jodhpurs and carry around a riding crop, instead, try pairing them with a skirt and half tucked dress shirt to achieve a preppy look or jeans and flowy poncho for modern mastery. Throw a small saddle bag over top, put your hair up in a bun and you’re all set.

Style Tip: Try them with boot socks. Examples of boots with socks shown.
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Ankle Boots

Okay, so let’s go shorter. Amazing things come in small packages and ankle boots are no exception. When it comes to these shorter beauties there are two outlooks you can achieve. Let’s start with how to style casual ankle boots. Falling right above or below the ankle, these versatile boots always work well paired with flares or can be the star of your look when worn with a sweater dress or skinny jeans tucked into them. Now it’s time to dress them up a bit. Smooth leather-like mid calf boots can be quite luxurious looking when worn with wide leg trousers and a silk blouse. Dare we say blazer? A fitted blazer and trousers create the perfect silhouette to accent these ultra sleek boots.

Style Tip: Try them with wide leg crops. Ankle boots shown with wide leg crops.
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So there you have it. Boots are a necessity for fall – a must-have, if you will, and I just happen to know where you can acquire them all. I’ll give you three guesses. So while you wait for your order to arrive, get those layering pieces out because we have a feeling you’re going to need them.

Yours Fabulously,
The D & L


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  1. Much of your styles are cute for teenagers but What about sophisticated clothing for petite slim mature women who don’t want to dress like a teenager! Love your store but I find so little for slim women over 50! And smaller shoe sizes would be appreciated also! Thanks!

  2. I would like to see more two inches ankle booties and in more colors like burgundy, navy or cognac. Oh and please carry more size 11 wide.

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