A Day in the Life: Shooting our Fall TV Commercial!

There’s a lot time and planning that goes into shooting a Cato TV Commercial, but there is also a lot of fun had on set. Come behind the scenes with us as we give you a glimpse into a day on set with Cato.

8:00am: Time for coffee!
Once everyone has had their first cup of coffee, it is time to set up and start the day! The lighting, sound and camera crews prepare the sets for an eventful day ahead. The styling team prepares each outfit for its moment in the spotlight, while the hair and make-up artists pamper the actress and model.

Cato TV Behind-the-Scenes 2

10:00 am: Lights, camera, action!
Filming is in full swing with our entire crew ready to make it perfect. Take by take, full concentration is on our actress and model. This is where the crew can see what works and what doesn’t, so they can adjust accordingly.

Cato TV Behind-the-Scenes 1

11:00 am: Quiet on set!
The crew and team work their magic to make sure each shot looks its absolute best. Everyone is in sync and ready to do their part to ensure the day goes smoothly and stays on schedule.

Cato TV Behind-the-Scenes 3

12:00 pm: Selfie Break!
A mid-day lunch break refuels everyone with much needed energy, leaving just enough time for our stars to show off their Cato fall styles and pose for a selfie.

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2:00 pm: Wardrobe Change
Our lead stylist, Don, helps prep our model for her next look, seeking perfection, down to every last detail.

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5:00 pm: That’s a wrap!
A busy day of shooting wraps up with one last take. Everyone is so excited about how the shots turned out and can’t wait to see it all together!


Watch the Finished Commercial Below!

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