Meet the Cato Designer!

Meet the Cato Designer, Glenda. Glenda holds up one of her designs.

Glenda playfully holds up a dress she designed.We’re excited to introduce you to one of our amazingly talented and super creative designers here at Cato.

Glenda , our dress designer here at Cato, has been here for a little over a year and since her start she has designed some of our favorite summer dresses! From age 12 she knew that she had a strong passion for art and fashion, “My mother was my biggest influence and inspiration when I was growing up. She’s a seamstress and patternmaker, so I grew up around sewing machines, but the fabrics were always what caught my interest. I was fascinated in learning how to sew at an early age.”

We asked her to tell us a little about the design process and her inspiration behind one of her favorite dresses.


What inspired you to create this dress?
“As a designer we find inspiration in so many different forms. I particularly love prints, I feel that prints are very personal and can inspire many ideas. My design process usually starts with print. This dress was particularly inspired by a piece of fabric printed with many colorful stripes. I loved the idea of mixing monochromatic black/neutral stripes and throwing an array of colorful stripes within. Summer is supposed to be a fun, cheerful season, and the simplicity of this silhouette makes it all about the print and color.”

Can you briefly describe the process of how a dress comes to life at Cato?
“Seeing the dress come to life from an initial illustration is definitely the most exciting part of the design process. From the initial trend concept, we run off to work closely with our design counterparts in our Fabric and Print teams. We select all the materials that inspire us and then begin to design a cohesive collection that offers variety to our customer. We then work closely with our Tech and Product Management teams to make our vision come to life!”

What is your favorite part of designing dresses for Cato?
“I love the freedom we have to really think outside the box here at Cato and really come up with some original designs. It’s exciting to know that our customer is really conscious of the latest trends. It really gives us the ability to have fun with the design process. I also love the collaboration all the designers have with each other and with our print team. The teamwork dynamic here at Cato is very special, which makes our jobs that much more fun!”

Can you give us any hints about dress projects your working on that we might see soon at Cato?
We are very excited to not only keep offering our Cato Customer new and exciting fast fashion, but to really make her feel that we are the go to dress destination for her for any occasion. We are expanding our assortment and offering her a variety of dresses that include career dressing, trend right day dresses, desk to dinner dresses and even some occasion dressing. We are also excited to be able to offer her “Little Black” Dresses all year round. We know she LOVES print, and we are continually elevating and engineering unique prints developed by our print Designers to really offer her one of a kind dresses.”

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15 thoughts on “Meet the Cato Designer!

  1. I live in Matthews, walked right in and right out……………for the fall looks………….starting to come in didn’t care for it……….my whole walk in closet is cato…..i will be dissappointed if have to shop some where else……i will wait closer to September to give it one more chance

    Katherine Mclelland

  2. I love shopping at Cato, but I have never seen a black women model for Cato clothes. What’s up with that?????

  3. These are all cute things for the younger generation. But there is the older generation that would like to see things at Cato that are appealing to us. Our skin is not as beautiful as the younger ones and can’t let all the shoulders and arms show. Please think of something for us. I had been a shopper of Cato for years but as of the last probably 5 yrs. they have nothing that I’m interested in. The plain Cato t-shirts with pants to match or shorts were a favorite of mine. You could buy all colors and then decorate them with appliques or shiny buttons on the shirt and add it to the shorts to make a very cute outfit. So sorry they’re gone. I still wear those outfits and have held up for years and years. Miss my old Cato.

  4. I am a huge fan of Cato’s. I love color and patterns also, and feel extremly confident wearing your style of clothes. Rosie

  5. I love your store, your fashion, and prices. I know I can always find something I really like or something special that I’m looking for. Love the styles and especially your short jackets
    And the Long mermaid skirts. Love the jewelry too!! There’s only one thing I’m unhappy about, you don’t carry a size 6 in shoes. Minden store in Louisiana…..

  6. I think Cato’s clothes have been a miss all summer.. Not anything I think was very cute. Very disappointed. I hope the designer comes up with some classier clothing.

  7. I am a petite plus size…..about a 1X. I LOVE your clothes and the young look I can purchase even though I am not young! I am in my 60’s, but still enjoy looking put together in my clothes. I would LOVE to see the style change a bit to accomadate women who need a bit more cover for the arms. I am not a fan of the cap sleeve or any sleeve that is half way between my elbow and my shoulder. I would LOVE to see more designs with sleeve length just barely above the elbow or more of the three quarter sleeves. I am almost certain other women, young and young at heart would agree with me. We are not fans of showing off our upper arms. I really hope you take this into consideration. Thanks so much for your stylish yet affordable clothing!

    1. I agree with you Renee. I used to shop at Cato’s a lot. Seems as though they have forgotten that their once loyal customers have gotten older and need more coverage. I do hope to see some changes there and I would shop there more often..

  8. I also would like more selections with a short sleeve. Not a fan of exposing underarms. Otherwise love u clothes. So many sleeveless designs and I cannot wear any. I also buy fabrics that do not cling such as tee shirt material. Thanks for taking comments

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